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Pest Control in Lewisham

  • Available all week long, even on holidays
  • Short-notice/emergency call-outs
  • Highly effective & safe anti-pest products
  • Done by certified and experienced technicians
  • Lasting protection for your property

What the pest exterminating team in Lewisham can do for you

  • Mice and rat control

    We have the means and know how to either capture or eliminate the rodents that are present at your home or commercial space. On the other hand, we will figure how they are entering your property and block those entry points using wool wire and expanding foam.

  • Bird control

    Urban birds such as pigeons can be quite annoying if they are particularly fond of your roof. We can disrupt their comfort by installing spikes and nets. These measures will drive the mess-causing birds away.

  • Cockroach control

    We resort to the use of a highly effective bait gel. The substance is applied near the affected areas and the roaches will eat from it. They will be terminated within 24 hours and the rest of the roaches will eat from their carcasses and perish as well.

  • Bed bug treatment

    Please keep in mind that if your place is infested by bed bugs, then a secondary treatment must take place. Basically, most of the bed bug colony will be eliminated during the initial treatment but some percentage of these crawling horrors will become resistant to the pest control product that was used. That is why a treatment with a different product should take place about a week later.

The Local Pest Coverage in Lewisham

All pest control treatments in Lewisham are carried out by local exterminators from the area. If you find yourself in need of an emergency extermination, don't hesitate to give us a call. We can provide our services even on weekends and bank holidays!

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