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Pest control in Hillingdon

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Expedient Pest Control Services for Your Home or Business in Hillington

Fantastic Pest Control provides residential and commercial customers in Hillington with professional pest removal services at short notice. We have devised an effective 4-step process, which comprises a thorough inspection of your premises, advanced pest treatment, monitoring and prevention advice against future vermin recurrences. We rely on the expertise of dedicated pest exterminators who cover the entire capital city within the M25 zone. They are all vetted and interviewed in person before joining our fast-responding teams. The pest controllers are fully certified, licensed and insured against damages. To schedule a pest survey with a specialist in your area, just fill the online booking form or get in touch with us by phone.

What Pest Control Services We Offer

  • Rodent removal

    We specialise in both the safe removal of wildlife intruders, such as squirrels, and the professional extermination of mice and rats. The Fantastic pest control franchisee will use different methods to eliminate any hazardous vermin, such as sealing rat and mice entry points and applying an effective pesticide in the affected areas. Squirrel problems are addressed by setting up traps and removing the rodents from your home, once caught.

  • Wasp Control

    Our wasp control solutions will save the day if you stumble upon a wasp nest near your property. The qualified local pest technician will treat the colony of stinging insects with an effective insecticidal product that will kill them in a short time. If you feel apprehensive about any stray wasps returning to the site, opt for one of our multiple-visits service options.

  • Insect control

    From woodworm control, bed bugs control and cockroach extermination to tackling severe moth infestations, the local pest technician, we work with, will get the job done expertly and to your highest satisfaction. He will use the most suitable anti-pest product and method and will provide you with some useful proofing information against future vermin problems.

  • Disinfection

    Fantastic Pest Control also specialises in commercial and residential disinfection services. They are designed to remove all harmful bacteria and pathogens from pest activity after your property has undergone a professional pest control treatment.

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