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Pest Control in Brent

  • Emergency & multiple-visits pest control services
  • Effective vermin extermination with guaranteed results
  • Comprehensively insured pest controllers near you
  • Advanced techniques and safe pesticidal products

Your local Brent pest technician will put a S.T.O.P. to the pests today!

The inspection of all infested areas is the first step of any pest control service. The exterminator will identify the pest and evaluate the infestation’s progress. He will then pick suitable tools and products to treat the premises.
Once the pest control technician has a good idea of just how severe the infestation is, the exterminator will be able to choose the best and most effective way of treating the pest.
You should monitor your property for any pest activity after the initial treatment. Call us if you suspect that the vermin are still at your estate. You can avail of a full service with us, which comes with up to two free visits within a period of three months.
You should consult with your on what you can do to prevent your property from pests in the future. The specialist will gladly offer you some useful professional advice on the matter.

Qualified Pest Control Experts in Brent

We provide more than 20 pest control services in Brent because of the wide range of pest needs you have in the area. The local pros are well-equipped and use only the most effective treatment products that are on the market. Every pest is treated according to the UK regulations and is safe for the family. Fantastic Pest Control can treat any type of property such as houses, hotels, restaurants, offices, public transportation, hospitals etc.

What Pest Control Service Can We Help You with?

  • Mice and rat control

    Depending on the scope of the rodent infestation, you can book an emergency rat or mice control treatment or such that is covered by a 1-month or 3-months guarantee. The last two include respectively one and two free subsequent visits, upon request. Additionally, you can complement your rodent extermination service by booking our dead animal removal option.

    Learn more about the service: Rat pest control

  • Carpet Beetles Treatment

    Carpet beetles are widespread in Brent and can cause severe infestations. We at Fantastic Pest Control offer different treatments depending on the size of the infestation. They include regular use of chemical products, heat treatment or fogging.

    Learn more about the service: Carpet Beetles Treatment

  • Bed bugs control

    Our bed bugs control treatment is executed in at least two visits for maximum effect. The local pest controller will use powerful insecticide with a long-lasting effect to eliminate the biting bugs. Owners of larger properties (with more than 3 bedrooms) need to contact us for a personal quote, regardless what type of insect infestation they are dealing with.

    Learn more about the service: Bed bug removal

  • Fogging

    We offer a brand new service which is a powerful method against adult flying insects. The local specialist uses a special ULV fogging machine. It produces a vapour mixed with a certain amount of insecticide and water which kill the insects instantly.

    Learn more about the service: Fogging control service

Interesting Facts and Stats About the Pests in Brent

#4 Rats: Rats might be big but they are extremely flexible. They are able to get through a 20mm hole. We've received more than 400 call outs regarding rats infestations in Brent for the past year.
#2 Carpet beetles: Carpet beetles are very tiny and often impossible to be spotted because they hide in corners in rugs or carpets and other hiding spots. The local pros treated more than 230 properties against carpet beetles for the past year.
#3 Bed bugs: bed bugs won't spread diseases but their bites can cause allergies to some people. Fantastic Pest Control treated about 500 properties against the unwelcomed bugs in Brent for the last 12 months.
#4 Flies: flies vomit on our food in order to liquify the meal and suck it with their mouthpart. This fact is somehow disgusting and makes their presence even nastier. We have had approximately 120 call outs regarding flies infestations in Brent for the past few months.

What Makes Us Better Than Your Local Council

Hire professionals and experienced pest technicians with modern equipment for a complete and efficient pest control service in Brent. It is up to you if you want to waste your time waiting for the local council to schedule yourself an inspection. Fantastic Pest Control offers next day and emergency appointments!

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Local Pest Control Services Near Your

Noticed any signs of a pest infestation on your property? No matter the type of the vermin pick up the phone and give Fantastic Pest Control a call. The local team of professional pest exterminators will arrive at your premises and provide you with a tailor-made solution for a pest-free home. We work with teams of professional pest controllers in all London areas.

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