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Pest Control in Barking and Dagenham

  • Expedient pest treatment response
  • Guaranteed results and high-standard workmanship
  • Advanced pest control methods and equipment
  • Insured and certified pest exterminators

Your local Barking and Dagenham pest control expert will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

The local professional will inspect for all the signs of infestation, such as entry points, activity traces, damages, etc. The pest control expert will determine the scope of the problem and provide you with the best possible treatment against the vermin.
From commercial fogging and disinfection to complete extermination of any hazardous insect invasion, your home or business property will receive an industry-powered pest treatment that is appropriate for your specific situation.
Professional post-service monitoring is another key element of our pest control treatment procedures when you opt for the guaranteed service option. You will be eligible for up to two additional visits within 3 months of the initial treatment.
The experienced technician will advise you on how to protect your property against future pest problems. You will also receive professional pest-proofing advice and a pest treatment report, which specifies important service details.

No More Vermin with Fantastic Pest Control

With covering over 30 boroughs in London, Fantastic Pest Control now offers effective pest control services near you. The expert pest control technician in Barking and Dagenham is fully equipped and prepared to eliminate any rodent, insect, or bird infestation with guaranteed results. Whether your home or business has been invaded by pesky mice or a colony of cockroaches has taken fancy to your property, get timely professional help right away.
We follow an effective 4-step pest elimination approach, which renders proven results.

Some of our Pest Control Services in Barking and Dagenham

  • Mice Control

    Our mice control treatment is powered by effective methods, which include sealing points of entry and the use of professional pesticides. For optimum results, we recommend booking our full rodent extermination service and get two extra pest control visits within a 3-month period.
    Additionally, you can request a dead animal removal if you don’t want to deal with the carcasses of mice and rats left behind after the treatment.

    Learn more about the service: Pest control for mouse

  • Bed Bugs Control

    Most crawling pests carry health risks, so immediate actions are required. We specialise in insect extermination solutions, which are designed to handle flea, cockroach, moths, bed bugs infestations and more. The local pest service provider will use a powerful but pet and child-safe insecticide to eliminate the problem.

    Learn more about the service: Bed bug removal

  • Wasp Removal

    Don’t try to treat a wasp nest yourself but get a professional pest controller to take care of the job. The technician will locate the colony and treat the site with insecticidal powder, which has a toxic effect on the wasps’ nervous system. 

    Learn more about the service: Wasp control

  • Fogging

    Our insect fogging services are COSHH compliant and bring on guaranteed and effective results. The insect exterminator will treat the entire property and then, provide you with relevant post-service safety information.

    Learn more about the service: House fogging

Interesting Facts and Stats about Pests in Barking and Dagenham

1. All of the wasp species are scattered across the globe. You can see wasps on every continent except for Antarctica.

2. A common misunderstanding is that bed bugs live only in the countryside or in poor households. None of these is true. Bed bugs can infest the most urbanised city in the world. Public transportation can also have bed bugs, even 5-stars hotels.

3. If the rats in your home are making high-pitched chirping noises, that means they are laughing.

4. Mice do not like the cold. Autumn and early winter are the times of the year when mice infestation in homes and businesses grow because they seek shelter when the temperatures drop.

Advantages of Choosing Fantastic Pest Control

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Barking and Dagenham Council

Licensed and certified to do any type of pest control service in the UK.

Certified to get the job done in the area.

We have modern equipment and use specialised child- and pet-safe products insecticides and pesticides.

Have equipment and insecticides to work with.

We are flexible and we custom-tailor a service just for you.

Too many restrictions and rules for a simple inspection.

Professional Pest Control Services Available Near You

Tired of waiting for your local council to call you back and schedule an appointment? Give us a call and book a Fantastic Pest Control Service in Barking and Dagenham, fantastic teams will inspect and treat your home or your office. We have available pest control teams in every London area.

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