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Pest Control in Kensington and Chelsea

  • Safe and insured insect, rodent, and bird treatments
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Take Advantage of Professional Pest Solutions in Kensington and Chelsea

If a mice family or a cockroach infestation has been giving your loved ones or business a hard time, contact your certified exterminator. The professional specialises in eliminating all common UK pests, including mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more in line with the latest COSHH regulations. He will also pest-proof your property and gladly give you free prevention tips.

Before performing any form of pest control, the trained specialist will take a careful look around to identify the intruders, accurately assess their population, and discover their breeding grounds.

The expert will spray the area with potent pesticides, lay traps, or engage in different methods of pest control, depending on the type of pest encountered and on how infested your property is.

We pay special attention to monitoring to ensure that not a single pest will slip away. Still, if you hear strange noises or witness pest activity after the treatment, give us a call. If you booked a guaranteed service, you will be able to schedule up to two free visits within the next 3 months!

The specialist will use proper sealing techniques to prevent the pests from coming back. For mice control, for example, the pest exterminator will use sealants, wire wool, and expanding foam to seal off all entry points, while bed bugs treatment will involve insecticides with a residual effect. You will also receive advice on how to protect your building from a recurring infestation.

Local Pro

Why Should You Opt for the Pest Control Services Near You?

As a partner of Fantastic Pest Control, Richard Louis is well aware of what goes into a quality rat control, wasp treatment, or any other pest service. Your service will be carried out by an insured and uniformed exterminator who has successfully passed all relevant professional courses, namely First Environmental Training and Safe Use of Pesticides.

But an expert is only as good as his tools. To deliver satisfying results, our partner works with the latest gadgets in the field and uses approved products. This, along with the qualifications held by the skilled specialist make his work suitable for households, as well as for public and commercial establishments, such as offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more.

Note: Discrete treatments in the Kensington and Chelsea area are available upon request.

Richard is also responsible to eradicate all the pests around Camden.

Get Rid Of All Common UK Pests with Fantastic Pest Control

  • Mice and Rat Control

    The expert will seal off any suspicious holes that are up to ½ inch in diameter using wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam. For properties with high rodent populations, the pest controller will place traps and bait boxes with poison to deal with the remaining pests. In the end, he will also safely dispose of all dead rodents.

    Learn more about the service: Rat pest control

  • Cockroach Extermination

    The exterminator will apply a special bait gel, which has a fast knock-on effect and will affect all insects within a 24-hour period. A spray can also be used, but only in scenarios where the infestation is high. The specialist can also assist you with spider, ant, wasp control and more.

    Learn more about the service: Cockroach treatment

  • Bed Bug Control

    Done over the course of two visits in a two-week interval. The professional can treat almost any surface in your bedroom, including your bed mattress, headboard, floor, furniture, and more. The treatment is done with two different insecticides due to the bed bug’s resilient nature.

    Learn more about the service: Bed bug treatment

  • Corporate Treatments

    If pests have disrupted the workflow of your business, turn to Fantastic Pest Control’s healthy range of commercial services. Such include bird control (with nets, spikes and fire gels), fogging (using ULV machine on the area to ward off future infestations), as well as high-tech heat treatment (heating the area to 56°C).

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