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Pest control in Hounslow

  • Fumigation against heavy infestation
  • Using child- and pest-safe products
  • Done by certified technicians
  • Flexible booking options
  • Emergency treatments

Choose from Our Pest Removal Services in Hounslow

  • Mice control

    Our mice control and rat extermination solutions involve various industry-standard methods, such as blocking points of entry with sealants, employing endoscopic cameras to access hard-to-reach areas and the use of powerful but petsafe pesticidal products. Most of our customers combine the service with our reliable dead animal removal solutions.

  • Bed Bugs Control

    A bed bugs infestation can bring anyone to tears as it is hard to combat without professional help. We offer effective bed bugs control services, which are always executed in a minimum of two insecticidal treatments for best results.

  • Cockroach control

    The cockroach control specialist will resort to the most suitable pest management treatment, based on the extent of the problem. He may apply special bait gel in strategic spots, which roaches find delicious. Once ingested, the product effectively kills the insect. For severe cockroach infestations, spraying with insecticides is usually employed.

  • Commercial pest control

    All our pest control services are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. So, if your business facility has been infested with rats, roaches or other type of vermin, the local pest exterminator in Hounslow will be ready to assist you.

Fantastic Pest Control in Hounslow

Pest control services near your house that you can trust. Call the leading experts in pest prevention and management. Let us take care of the unwanted guests in your house and show them the way out. Fantastic Pest Control has a proven track of satisfied customers, which you can check for yourself.

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