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Pest Control for the Food Industry

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  • Guaranteed multi-visits pest control services
  • Following all food safety standards and regulations
  • Regular inspections and 24/7 emergency cover
  • Comprehensive quality assurance and control

Fantastic Pest Control - A Smart Solution for Your Food Industry Facility in London

Fantastic Pest Control London specialises in providing facilities in the food industry with pest management solutions, which are designed to pest-proof your premises, eliminate vermin harbourage, exclude access, deter activity, exterminate specimens in all live cycles and eradicate heavy infestations. The pest controllers, we have partnered with, are fully licensed, insured and COSHH-certified to apply advanced pesticidal and pest-repellent methods and products, which are safety-tested for use in food processing plants, storage warehouses, as well as establishments in the food retail industry. We also offer professional disinfection services, which are executed by specially trained cleaning operatives. They have the expertise to remove all pest activity residuals, which pose a risk of contamination and may compromise the sterile environment of your food production space. Our company offers 24/7 emergency support in the capital, which makes us reliable in all vermin situations at all times. We follow specifically devised procedures that include evaluation, treatment, monitoring, proofing, stringent reporting and prevention advice.

The pest control specialist will evaluate the extent of the problem by inspecting the premises carefully for all signs of vermin activity. He will also investigate possible entry points, weakened structural fixtures and the general conditions of how your food industry establishment operates (ex: unprotected food storage units, waste storage and collection facilities, etc.). He will discuss with you the specifics of the suggested treatment, such as safety issues, before and after service requirements, as well as whether you need to consider a professional disinfection of the place.

Our pest control treatments may involve baits application, dusting and spraying with insecticides, sealing of entry points (rats, cockroaches), employing fumigants (insects), heat treatment, applying pest-deterrent devices (birds), etc. The pest technician will comply with all safety regulations and standards to treat your food processing facility or retail premises without endangering the health of staff or compromising the quality and consumability of goods.

After-service observation is often recommended for some types of pest infestations. Hence, we offer different booking options that you can choose from. You can opt for a full service, which has been customised to suit your food establishment needs. This means that you can benefit from having it inspected for pests at regular intervals and treated as often as it requires.

Proofing is a key pest control solution when it comes to keeping vermin at bay in food industry facilities. From maintaining the highest level of sanitation standards and good hygienic practices to eliminating all possibilities for rodents and insects entering the premises - these will be explained to you by your pest extermination service provider. He will also instruct you on all the post-treatment actions you need to take so that the effectiveness of the treatment is not diminished.

What Food Industry Facilities Can Benefit from Our Pest Control Assistance

Food storage facilities

Rats, mice, cockroaches and an array of stored product insects can breed fast in a food storage warehouse, once they gain access through compromised building structures or enter the facility via packaged goods. There are a number of pest management measures that need be implemented in your storage establishment to avoid pest outbreaks and food contamination.

Food processing plants

Food production and processing facilities are sensitive business environments with respect to contamination, caused by pests. Various types of vermin can pollute edible goods via excrements, bodily sheddings and physical damage and spread disease-transmitting microorganisms across surfaces, equipment and products. We offer adequate protection through regular inspections and safe pest control treatments, which will ensure that your food preparation establishment is in line with all legal safety standards.

Food retail establishments

Restaurants, commercial kitchens and fast food establishments are also liable to abide by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006, in order to be considered safe to operate. They are legally required to have an effective pest control system in place.
Our pest management company can help you ensure that your business meets these requirements. By maintaining a vermin-free environment at all times, you will be able to retain consumer confidence in your food service facility and enjoy an immaculate reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you remove any dead rats from the premises?

You are welcome to book our dead animal removal service, once the anti-rodent treatment has come to full effect.

What certifications do the technicians hold?

The pest technicians are fully qualified and licensed to provide our services. They are required to have a COSHH certificate, in order to operate safely with anti-pest products.

I don’t feel comfortable if my competitors notice an obvious sign that my facility is being treated for pests. Any advice?

Don’t worry! Upon request, the pest specialist will arrive at your premises in an unmarked vehicle to complete the service. We have implemented a sensitive and discreet approach to ensure that your business reputation remains untarnished.

Can you make sure that rodents don’t have access to my fast food facility?

The Fantastic pro will endeavour to seal all likely points of entry. He will also instruct you on the actions you should take, in order to step up the security of your facility against rats, mice and a number of food insect vermin (ex: repair plumbing, proof food storage containers, secure rubbish, maintain high hygienic standards, etc.)

What are your operating hours?

We can be of your assistance 24/7, which means that we can come and treat your food facility outside business hours (including weekends and public holidays).

My food storage warehouse is just outside London. Can you come and inspect it for pests?

Please, contact us over the phone or online to check our service availability for your area.

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