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Pest Control for Farming and Agriculture

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Reap a Pest-free Harvest with Skilled Exterminator Help by Your Side

Agricultural pests are not to be taken lightly. Besides destroying tonnes of potential harvestable production, rodents and other critters pose a great health risk to farmers and the end consumer. Food contamination is a great possibility here, since most of the pests will transmit harmful pathogens, such as Salmonella, Weil’s disease, and the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. By choosing Fantastic Services as your agricultural pest control provider, you ensure that your barns, silos, farms, or other food facilities are protected from infestations. The exterminator will securely pest-proof the areas and treat them with products that are safe for people and animals, but deadly for the particular pest that had the indecency of attacking your produce.

Upon arrival, the pest controller will investigate every nook and cranny of your crop harvesting establishment to determine how the vermin got through, to identify their species, and provide an accurate assessment of their current population. Armed with this knowledge, the specialist will devise a custom-tailored plan to eliminate the threat without harming you or your investment.

The specialist has an individual approach for each type of pest that takes advantage of the invader’s natural weaknesses. For instance, cockroach-infested areas will be treated with potent bait gels that have a domino effect and that will quickly spread among the population since the insects tend to feed on their fallen brethren. Mice and rats, on the other hand, will be handled by proofing their entry points with sealants and laying down traps with poisonous bait.

The products have a residual effect, which will repel the pests for the months to come. However, if you are observing that the infestation is somehow resurfacing after the service and have booked a guaranteed treatment, you can schedule up to two additional visits for free. The same pest technician will return to the scene to collect any pest carcassess and finish what he started.

Once the expert has double-checked and fully proofed all recently infested areas, he will share useful tips & tricks with you on how to keep future pests away from your building. He can also give you a detailed written service report that will list all the products and equipment used.

Cost-effective Services by Fantastic Pest Control and Why You Should Get Them

In time, the increasing presence of vermin can significantly reduce the crop output and endanger the well-being of workers, leading to a direct violation of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The food may also arrive contaminated in local supermarkets, negatively impacting the health of thousands and hurting the income and reputation of the food provider.

Scheduling a Fantastic pest control session will ensure that your farming and agricultural practices check all possible safety boxes. The professionals we dispatch are highly-trained and well-acquainted with the behavioural patterns of virtually all agricultural pests in the country.

This allows the experts to think ahead of their opponents and deal with nesting grounds before they can grow in numbers. They will also work closely with the farmers to help them identify and avoid practices that attract pests, as well as teach them how to spot early signs of an infestation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep rodents from entering my property?

The specialist will use proofing materials in the form of wire mesh, sealants, and expanding foam to block off entrances (up to ½ inches in diameter) made in walls, plumbing, etc.

How many pest exterminators do you send per address?

This depends on the dimensions of your property, as well as on the infestation scale. Our commercial pest control solutions are usually provided by a single pest operative.

I need to reschedule my service for another time. Is this possible?

Absolutely, just please make sure to give us a 48-hour notice both for cancelling and rescheduling a service. Doing so past the 48-hour mark will be subjected to a £50 fee.

How quickly are you able to respond to emergencies?

The professional can arrive fully equipped in up to three hours after you’ve made the appointment. He is also available for after-hours bookings and on official holidays.

Which pest species should I keep an eye out for?

Usually, rats and mice will be the number one offender, although farm pest treatments against moths, aphids, spiders and beetles are also quite common. If you spot any activity, report your findings to us as soon as possible to receive a pest control service tailored to your needs.

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