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Pest Control in Brent

  • Emergency & multiple-visits pest control services
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  • Comprehensively insured pest controllers near you
  • Advanced techniques and safe pesticidal products

 The first thing the pest controller will do is to determine the type of pest your property has been infested with (ex: rats or mice, bed bugs or fleas) and evaluate the scope of the issue. He will suggest the most suitable pest treatment for your case, based on his findings.

He will proceed with the treatment, which could involve spraying or dusting the affected areas with insecticides, setting up baits, blocking possible entry points, etc. Note that some pest situations require more than one visit, which are included in our 1-month and 3-months guaranteed service options.

Monitoring after the initial treatment is also important, as some pests are difficult to remove completely with one treatment. You will be advised on the best approach and the additional measures that you can take between visits to ensure the efficient eradication the infestation.

The experienced pest controller will offer his expert advice on prevention and proofing your home or business against pest recurrences. You will also receive some key post-service information on the dos and don’ts you should observe after the treatment.

Local Pro

Read About Our Pest Control Partner in Brent

Connor Fisher joined our local pest management team in Brent a couple of years ago and never looked back. He is fully qualified, certified and insured to provide you with the most effective pest control treatment for your specific vermin situations. The technician is experienced in servicing both residential and commercial properties, as well as facilities in the public sector. He is additionally trained in COSHH compliant pest product applications and always executes the service with your health and safety in mind. Furthermore, you can count on his emergency response, subject to availability.

Connor is also responsible for our pest control services in Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham.

What Pest Control Service Can We Help You with?

  • Mice and rat control

    Depending on the scope of the rodent infestation, you can book an emergency rat or mice control treatment or such that is covered by a 1-month or 3-months guarantee. The last two include respectively one and two free subsequent visits, upon request. Additionally, you can complement your rodent extermination service by booking our dead animal removal option.

    Learn more about the service: Rat pest control

  • Cockroach control

    As roaches breed out of control over a relatively short period of time, you should call a professional pest controller at the first sign of cockroach activity. The technician will determine the level of infestation and apply the most suitable extermination method (bait gel, dusting or spraying).

    Learn more about the service: Cockroach treatment

  • Bed bugs control

    Our bed bugs control treatment is executed in at least two visits for maximum effect. The local pest controller will use powerful insecticide with a long-lasting effect to eliminate the biting bugs. Owners of larger properties (with more than 3 bedrooms) need to contact us for a personal quote, regardless what type of insect infestation they are dealing with.

    Learn more about the service: Bed bug removal

  • Commercial pest control

    We have a versatile client base in Brent, comprising businesses and public venues. So, don’t hesitate to schedule your inspection with a local pest technician if you suspect a vermin infestation at your commercial property. For your convenience, Fantastic Pest Control will assign you with a personal account manager who will deal with every aspect of your pest control service.

    Learn more about the service: Commercial pest control

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Hire professionals and experienced pest technicians with modern equipment for a complete and efficient pest control service in Brent. It is up to you if you want to waste your time waiting for the local council to schedule yourself an inspection. Fantastic Pest Control offers next day and emergency appointments!

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Noticed any signs of a pest infestation on your property? No matter the type of the vermin pick up the phone and give Fantastic Pest Control a call. The local team of professional pest exterminators will arrive at your premises and provide you with a tailor-made solution for a pest-free home.

We also work with teams of professional pest controllers in other nearby areas: