[Quiz] How Serious is Your Fear from Wasps?

Spheksophobia, or the fear of wasps, is a very common one since everyone has been stung at least once in their life. Notice that, unlike many other phobias, we don’t describe it as an “irrational fear”, since it’s completely rational to fear something that can potentially kill you.

Of course, spheksophobia can also be irrational. If the subjects experience the symptoms even if there are no wasps near them, they should look for help to treat their condition as it can make it difficult for them to lead a normal life.

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Phobias, in general, are meant to trigger our fight or flight response (mostly flight) and, hopefully – to save our lives. Unfortunately, the symptoms of fear can be more troublesome than the real danger we are in.

Take this test and see how much you’re afraid of wasps.

There are certain moments when you simply have to be afraid in order to escape a world of pain and even possible death. Wasps, especially wasp nests, can become a very serious problem in any given neighbourhood. Good thing there exists a special wasp nest removal service, executed by professional pest controllers.

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