How to Evade the London Bed Bug Pandemic While Dating


Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few months, you will have already heard about the bed bug pandemic sweeping London at the moment. But where does that leave Londoners in terms of romance?

If you’re active in the London dating scene, every time you date someone new, you are at risk of not only STDs, but bed bugs as well! Fret not though, we’ve put together a list of some things you can do to avoid bring home any outbreaks… of bed bugs, not STDs. If you have an STD, seek medical advice.

dating someone with bed bugs

Check Your Date’s London District for Bed Bug Outbreaks

Has any of your online stalking, ahem, “research” revealed which part on London, your love interest resides in per chance? If so, you can cheekily check out our interactive infestation map to see if they are in one of the hot zones. This should give you some clue as to whether they are at a higher risk or not.

Choose Your Location Carefully – The Bed Bugs Have

my boyfriend/girlfriend gave me bed bugs

Everyone knows there’s always a danger of bringing home bed bugs from a dodgy hotel, though heading straight to that on date one might be a bit forward (who are we to judge thou, but did you know that they also love;

  • All Modes of Transport – thanks to the snug seats, they can catch a free ride with you in that black cab or on the Northern line, hiding in wait for their next dinner
  • The Cinema – you might be catching more than a preview of the latest Bond film. With those snug, upholstered seats and an abundance of prey, the cinema is a bed bug Mecca when it comes to finding a host.
  • Libraries & Book Stores – suddenly cuddling up with a good book doesn’t seem like such a good idea
  • Retail Shops & Charity Shops – bed bugs love the goods in home and clothing stores as much as you.

With that in mind, you probably best off finding a mutual meeting point within walking distance of both your flats if possible, then picking an outdoor activity, like a walk in Hyde Park or, if it’s too inclement, try bars without padded booths (think wooden stools), or museums.

Bed Bug Proof Your Own Flat

Did they end up back at yours? For added assurance, you can put bed bug traps under your bed, to alert you to any potential infestation very early on. Additionally, if helps not to give bedbugs a climbing frame in the form of your blanket dragging on the floor or placing your bed being directly next to a wall or nightstand. If you’re particularly worried, you could also put some insect monitors in your bedroom as well, for added insurance.

Inspect Your Date and Their Flat for Bed Bugs

So, assuming all goes well and you end up back at their place – what’s next? Do they have any bite-like rashes on their skin, particularly on their neck, shoulders or arms? Does it look like there is pepper sprinkled on their bedding or even walls? Yeah, it’s not. It’s actually bed bug excrement. You could “accidentally” drop your phone / bag / keys and take a sneaky peak under their bed. Bed bugs don’t tend to stay out in the open once they have fed but they are about the size of a lentil so if an infestation is in full swing, you might be able to see a gang loitering in a cluster somewhere underneath.

Also, take a whiff. If you notice a pungent sweet, yet meaty, type scent in the air, it’s probably not his cologne. Might be time to make your graceful exit?

Don’t Bring Your Date’s Bed Bugs Home with You

If you do notice too late that you’ve drunkenly ended up in bed with another person and their hungry hoard of bed bugs, unpack any hand/man bags and leave them outside your home until you can wipe them down with some pest killing strips. Immediately take off your clothes and put them in a super hot wash, or, if you don’t have a washing machine, boil the kettle and soak them… or just set them ablaze and burn the garments! Freezing also works.

When To Call a Fantastic Pest Control

If you do inadvertently find yourself infested with bed bugs, enlist the help of professionals right away. Do not attempt to deal with the situation on your own as you might not be using the right approach. Bed bugs are very intuitive and they will be on the move once they sense you are on to them. That is why you need the help of specialists who know what works best against these parasites. Fantastic Pest Control uses a comprehensive bed bug control service including, if needed, a heat treatment to clear up the infestation, since the bed bugs currently ravaging London are super-resistant to chemicals.

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