Fantastic Pest Control’s Brand New Glossary

Years ago the Jackson 5 sang “A, B, C, it’s easy as one, two, three” and today we are jumping on board with those words! There’s a brand new addition to our website, especially designed to make it even easier for you to find what you want to know.

The pest control glossary.

What is it?

As you browse through our website and the pest library we’ve assembled, you might come across some words which you are not entirely familiar with.
For your convenience, we’ve turned each biological, chemical and medical term into its own single-click self-explanatory dictionary.

If you go ahead and take a look at the glossary in its entirety, it will look like nothing short of your own personal nightmares – a list of diseases, insect body parts and chemicals. Not to be frightened – the only way to beat your enemy is to know as much as possible about him.

Diseases aren’t the only reason to look through the pest control glossary. A big part of it are the scientific names for the chemicals used in most commercial insecticides and a quick explanation of what it is they do exactly.

After all, no matter which London pest control company you end up hiring, it’s important to get acquainted with the chemicals and methods used in modern day pest control. That’s what ‘shopping smart’ means – to know what it is you are paying for.

Fantastic Pest Control hopes to offer more than just another domestic service booking. We are constantly looking for more ways to give you a better insight into the world of insects, while keeping it easy and fun.

With all the tools we have added in the last year, the pest control story is starting to look like an epic saga! The library is a tale of good guys and bad guys, the glossary is your key, and the interactive pest infestation map is your navigation.

And we, of course, are your guides!

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