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Spiders often find comfort in the dark and quiet corners of man-made structures. They usually strive to avoid all contact with humans but one might end up near you somehow. Most are harmless but you never know if a bite would cause an allergic reaction. And of course, there are those that are actually venomous. Fantastic Pest Control can help you keep your property arachnid-free with an effective spider control London service.

S.T.O.P. Them with Spider Pest Control in London

Contact Fantastic Pest Control today and make an appointment for spider extermination. Choose the exact day of the week and time that suit you best for a visit – your Fantastic pest exterminator will arrive promptly, ready to eliminate all eight-legged at your place. The spider removal service consists of:

  • Survey

    The exterminator will look around your property to fully assess the situation. This way he can determine how to best deal with your spider problem.

  • Treatment

    Once the pest control specialist has completed all preparations, he will begin the actual treatment against spiders. He will spray the affected areas with a powerful pesticide that has a three-month residual period. All spiders (and their eggs) present at your property will be effectively eradicated, and your place will be protected for a prolonged period of time.

  • Observation

    In case there is any spider activity after the first treatment and you have booked our full service, you get up to two extra treatments for free within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment . The technician will return and examine your property to see the results of his work. If needed he will spray again to ensure maximum effect.

  • Proofing and Prevention

    Your Fantastic pest controller will provide you with a written report for the completed treatment. He will also offer you some advice on how to avoid future troubles with spiders and other crawling home invaders.

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What Else Is There To Your Spider Control Service?

  • Customer Care 24/7: Call us at any time for extra info or to make an appointment for spider extermination.
  • Not Hourly-Based: Your Fantastic pest exterminator will work diligently until the job is finished.
  • Money-Saving Services: You can receive a discount when you combine pest control for spiders with some of the other services we provide such as silverfish treatment for example.
  • Emergency Treatment: If the situation demands it, you can get a same-day treatment.
  • Perfectly Safe Anti-Pest Measures: Fantastic Pest Control operates in accordance to British and EU safety standards.
  • Sanitation and Disinfection: Upon request and at preferential rates you can book a cleaner to sanitise treated rooms 5 days after the spider control service.

Additional Information about Spiders

What To Do Before Your Exterminator Arrives

  1. Vacuum-clean any affected areas if possible. This way you will remove spider webs and eggs.
  2. The insecticide used against spiders can irritate your pet animal. If you have one, better take it somewhere else for a few days.
  3. When the actual treatment against spiders begins, it would be best if you leave the property (or at least the floor). The pesticides we use are perfectly safe for humans and pet animals but first they have to settle.
  4. The property must remain empty for at least two hours after treatment.
  5. Air out the place when you return for about ten minutes. Don’t hoover or wash the treated areas for at least five days so pesticides can take full effect.
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