A Spider ID App Will Tell You All About Spiders


Scared of Spiders? Here’s an app that’ll give them a name. It might help allay your fears a little!

In the UK more than 10 million people suffer from a phobia of one kind or another. Here at Fantastic Pest Control we encounter them on a regular basis and do our utmost to remove the problem from their homes. Spiders are a very common phobia but we encounter customers who also have a fear of dogs, mice, snakes and rodents. We’ve come across a new app that may ease some of the fear as it often helps to put a name to the face as you might say.

Society of Biology and University of Gloucestershire scientists have a new ID app called Spider in da House. 12 of the most common spiders found in UK homes feature and it includes photos and descriptions of each one.

There are only a few spiders who have adapted to live in our homes. Most others will die if they venture indoors because it’s too warm and dry and food is very limited. They don’t mean to join us in our humble abodes but once in there it’s often difficult to find a way out. And now there’s a simple way to identify some of the most common culprits and find out more about them.

Before you know you’ll become an expert, having learnt their common and Latin names, their breeding habits and much more interesting facts and figures. Rest assured there are very few spiders here in the UK that are poisonous and it may also help to know you’re not alone. It’s estimated there are nearly a million other arachnophobia sufferers spread across the UK.

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